Travelling is, was and always will be the most exciting thing I do. There are countless reasons to travel and if I were to list all of them this post would never end. So to cut a long story short – Why should you travel? It’s simple.

Because there is just so much to see!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page” – Saint Augustine

Last year, turned out to be the best year for me so far. I traveled to seven countries, met amazing people who I now call friends, learnt so many new things, made so many lifelong memories, that I cant help but notice how the experience has changed me. It has made me more social, better at making conversations, better at saving money, less materialistic ( it is amazing how little you need on the road. I traveled to 5 countries in Europe in 4.5 kgs), more open minded, more flexible, more adventurous, more tolerant, more respectful and so much more confident. It’s true travel, changes you! It makes you a better person.

The following are photos I took during my trips and I sincerely hope they motivate you to plan your next adventure RIGHT NOW! Be it a weekend get-away or a really far away land. Just travel!

  1. United Kingdom I went to finish my masters in London and had the opportunity to visit nearby towns (Canterbury, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Brighton, Southend, Luton, Dover, Kent).

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    2. France (Marseille)My friend Ayesha and I literally sat with the map and to check which were the cheapest flights from London to anywhere in Europe.

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    3. Netherlands (Amsterdam) This was a weekend trip to meet my school friend Zenia.

    4. Hungary (Budapest) I actually went to Budapest twice and both times it was a thrilling experience. I would have never guessed there is so much to their history, culture, food and people. I met some of the nicest people here.


    5. Germany (Munich) Due to lack of time and the end of the trip, there really was so little time and so much to do. We ended up going to see Dachau concentration camp about 16 kms northwest of Munich in Bavaria. 32000 documented deaths and thousands with no record. This was the first camp to be set up and eventually the same Nazi model was replicated throughout Austria and Southern Germany.

    6. Italy (Florence & Venice) Someone rightly said you come back fat from Italy. It is easily the best wine, best cappuccino, best pizza, best pasta, best Gelato and the best food I have ever had. Add best olive oil too.

    7. Turkey This was a family holiday in November 2015 and I visited Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, Izmir & Pamukkale my phone came back full of photos. Every moment of every day was a painting I’d hang on my wall.

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