We love looking at old photos. Be it snippets of our childhood from back when we were ugly and chubby or really cute or those happy college days when our biggest problem in life would be how to bunk a lecture or those silly stupid photos of a Goa trip we believed was “the time of our lives”

Photos have a way of taking us back in time and flooding us with fond memories, deep emotions, queer feelings and reliving the past. It is a beautiful feeling to look back and wonder at all that was and all that could have been.
While rummaging through my collection of photos I found these and was quite surprised by what each of them made me feel.
It was in the month of April 2010, peak of summer. I had just graduated. Everyone I knew was making travel plans and excitement was in the air. I decided to visit Kerala and nearby places in the south with a few friends. It was an expensive 10 days. We even stayed overnight on a fancy houseboat that took us from Kottyam to Cochin. Fresh crabs, local delicacies, moon light dinner, laughter, stories and the beautiful view. This photo was taken one evening when I sat to watch the sunset from our houseboat. My grandparents gifted me this trip and I owe the memory of that beautiful evening to them.


He is a poet, a philosopher, a historian, a scholar, a writer, a reader, a teacher and a beautiful soul. Something he wrote for me when I met him in Kullu: I go forward two steps Two steps and I pass to look around I feel the air of anxiety and worrisome vibes I walk back two steps To soothe the hurt sentiments To ease the worrisome vibes I pause to take in the fresh air To kindle the spark of wisdom To light up my radiant self To wash away the dust of doubt delusion I go forward two steps And more two steps and more
One hundred of anything is too much for anyone. Sit-ups, push-ups, chocolates, movies, hours but not for someone I know. This man cycled every morning without fail for 100 days at a stretch. To celebrate his 100 happy days of cycling the group we belong to decided to do a century ride together. 100kms sounds like it can make you faint. I decided to try. My terrible sense of directions got me lost.I never finished the 100kms. I deviated from the group and was on the wrong route. For 30 seconds I was scared to be alone. Worried I wouldn’t make it home. But then I saw this.
Ever since I was a little kid I have seen these two around my grandmother’s house. Narsi Bhai on the right is a driver who has worked for my grandparents for as long as I can remember. He is probably as old as their house. As loyal as loyalty itself he can be trusted with anything from a button to a bungalow! He drove us to picnics, humoured us with his broken English cared for us like his own children and asked for nothing in return. Purushotam bhai on the left is the gardener, come sweeper, come general caretaker of their house. Like our good old Narsi bhai he too has been with the family for donkey’s years. From knowing where the spare keys of the house are to screaming at the milkman for not turning up he can get anything done

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