I tried to leave once before,
Because I felt the need to explore
I tried to leave once before
“I won’t come back” I swore!
For I have always stated,
How much I have hated,
To be in this city that’s so overrated!
From the day I came
It has been my aim
To not remain
In this city that’s so insane!
I left, but came right back
Thought it was the wrong track
Patience I did lack
So one more time I was back!
Glad I did
For it’s been a lot of fun
And in the long run
I will remember it one by one!
The trains and the rains
That brought along the stains
Andheri to town was so much up down
Bombay- I wish you could be a small town!
To vada pav and chai
I bid goodbye
To my friends I say, I won’t break away
So let me give it a try
And leave by the end of July!
It’s time I say goodbye
This I must not defy
Of course I will not cry
For I can always drop by!




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