Note: I began writing this post in November 2012 and finally blogged it only today.



Everyone I know is always asking me why I don’t blog often. To which I always say “I am working on something.” Well it isn’t exactly a lie. If you ever get a chance  to rummage through my bag you’ll find scraps of paper with scribbled writing, most of which I could use to throw my imaginary chewing gum. I find it excruciatingly laborious to focus on one thing when I have a 100 on my mind. Ultimately I end up incoherent to myself so god knows what you will make out of it, if I blog it all.

So to try and keep this post simple I am going to focus on things I did in 2012. Some of which I was glad to, some I was mad to and the rest I just had to!


Traveling to Maldives has been the highlight of this year and I owe it to my job! It’s awe-inspiringly beautiful and I am recommending it to everyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I also happen to travel to Thailand (Pattaya and Bangkok) in May with my sister and aunt. I may not have chosen the most exciting places but definitely looking forward to the experience. And to finish my travel quota for 2012 I will be visiting my uncle in New Jersey this December for Christmas.

Sticking to one job 

Owing to my track record of not being able to stick to one job for various reasons, I had told myself I need to give my current job at least 1 year, which I successfully finished on 15th November this year.

Big things at work 

I managed a really big event for Maldives single-handedly, met the President of Maldives during his visit to Bombay along with 32 other ministers and tackled press interviews during the coup.


I love photographs. Early this year I bought my first SLR camera now called Paul. My friend Mona is an instagram addict (although I really don’t think instagram requires much skill) and agreed to come gallivanting around the city with me and click pictures . Click here to view photos.


I have always wanted to learn a foreign language. It’s too bad that I can’t write an essay in Spanish yet but at least I tried. Not to forget I met some amazing people in class and got to make new friends.


In two years of my working life I don’t think I have ever saved an amount worth talking about but this year was different and I hope to make it a habit.


As ordinary as it may sound I have to admit it is an accomplishment of some sort. Yes I didn’t know how to make tea. I personally hate tea and think it smells funny. Almost stinks. But I had to make some for my friend who came home. I applied the “Let’s not dilute things” rule to tea. Biggest mistake. I took 2 tablespoons of water in 1 cup of milk to make 1 cup of tea. When I was done I literally poured out 2 tablespoons of tea into a cup.

New York City 

I think visiting NYC was on my mental bucket list. It was something I never really imagined I’d ever get a chance to do! It was an incredible experience. I was lost most of the time but survived. I watched “phantom of the Opera” on broad way (Something I highly recommend to ALL). As a city it is a cleaner version of Bombay. I wouldn’t like to live there but to visit I think everyone must at least once!

Ice Skating 

I surprised myself with Ice skating. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Did NOT fall even once and was really good for a first timer.


I tried eating octopus for the first time ever! It was slightly rubbery. Can’t say I am going to eat more of it.

Wiebke Sondershaus 

I made a German friend in New Jersey who I shared some very memorable experiences with. I’m glad we met.

Lost-and-found Phone in Philadelphia

Contrary to popular belief I think Philly (as they like to call it) has the nicest people I have ever seen. My phone slipped out of my pocket and got left behind in a cab. The next passenger who took the same cab found it, and texted my mom all the way in India because it was the first open chat on whatsapp, who then called my friend half-way around the world so that she could tell me a man named Scott found my phone and wants to give it back!

Let’s just say, it’s been a year full of surprises, most of which were pleasant! I look forward to 2013 and hope it turns out even better 🙂