Feeling stuck is banal. We all do. Not knowing what to do when we feel stuck is common too. No one does. But reminding yourself you are stuck or endlessly crying about it without wanting to move ahead is a 100% guaranteed way of depressing yourself and others around you. Not only are you turning yourself into an unlikable demoralized soul but you are closing your mind to better things in life. Those that can make you feel content. Things that can make you feel settled and not stuck.

Every time you feel stuck, remember to tell yourself, “There is always a way out. There is no such thing as I am stuck”. There is always a choice.

Very often, these i-feel- stuck situations seem even more difficult to get by, because we never question ourselves. We are so busy doing what we do, going where we are asked to go, that we forget to ask ourselves- WHY? Getting caught in the wrong job, for example is not always circumstantial. People land up there because they don’t think clearly about why they take up what they do and end up feeling frustrated. Most of us allow ourselves to get entwined in this flood of anxiety, frustration, stress, de-motivation, and dissatisfaction, instead of overcoming it and letting it make us stronger.

Knowing why you feel stuck is not necessarily going to make you feel better although it is the first step in that direction. Being able to ask yourself “what next” is the key to moving on. There always is a what-next move. Look for it. Begin listing out alternatives. There could be only one, or two, or three or ten alternatives that stare you in the face once you start thinking. Just keep at it. Evaluate every choice you think you have. Try and foresee where each one can take you. Don’t panic if you can’t! Weigh the pros and cons of each. Rely on your gut.

Do not make yourself believe there will be magic after you do all this, and that everything will be perfect. As they say history repeats itself. You may end up being extremely successful and happy or you may once again end up feeling stuck. Either way, it has to be done. You will never know unless you try and you will never try unless you know!

6 thoughts on “The ‘I-feel-stuck’ moment

  1. Its a I-feel-Good write up….!!!! Helps 1 think of alternatives which one seldom thinks when she's stuck….

    Wld recommend it to sme1 whos stuck…. 😉


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