A. To make conversation.
Please Note: All that said below holds true for the majority, there were, there are and there always will be exceptions.
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Most people make news sound so important. They read the newspapers page to page first thing every morning. (Even I try to read the paper every morning. It’s a different story that I can seldom go beyond the first page and often the first half.) They watch the evening news dutifully when they come back from work. They read about earthquakes and rapes, thefts and deaths, politicians and education, prices and weather, celebrities and brands, sports and innovations, wars and the need for peace, social issues and economic issues, movies and horoscopes, scientists and terrorists, trends and traditions, the “who is who” of town and the “who is no one” of town.

There are also those of us who don’t read or know any of the above and yet make news seem so significant. The kinds who don’t stop complaining about the government’s inefficiency and go on talking about how unsafe the city has become for women and children. And then there are those who’ll be hell bent on one particular issue and will make everyone’s lives miserable by talking about it non stop, everywhere, letting their opinions flow like excreta all over.


Agreed it(news) makes them aware individuals and gives them relevant information about contemporary affairs. So they read all of this and make themselves feel aware. After all in today’s world ignorance is no longer bliss. They know the happening’s not just in their cities/towns but world over and can write essays on what problem which part of the world is facing and who is responsible for the same.  My question is- then what?
What is the use of that awareness, when all you’re going to do is sit tight or worse add to the mess? Most of us barely have the time to clear our own mess leave alone helping the rest.
So, according to me the most logical explanation for this is, people read newspapers in order to make conversation with others. If people don’t read news, what will they talk about when they’re bored at work or when they want to talk politics or when they invite people over for dinner and don’t know what to say to them? How will they ask “did you read about the earthquake in Indonesia, yesterday?” doesn’t matter if they have no idea where Indonesia is! They should know there was an earthquake that occurred there. It’s awareness.


10 thoughts on “Q. Why should you read the newspaper?

  1. True, but as you said there are exceptions. Thankfully! Also, I love your first paragraph. The second para upsets me, (because)I'm a fan of the Print Press. 😛

    Love the fact that you're blogging so often though!



  2. Ssup Nickster: I totally agree with the aware part, but what i was trying to get at, is what about the awareness? What do you do after you feel globally aware? If the answer is nothing, then its the same as being not aware 🙂


  3. I agree with your last para…people want to prove thr intelligence in a gathering or at work by showing thr awareness but then where is the choice cos how many of them r willing to live their lives their way…to b accepted by the society they do wot society expects them to do. All said n done ..i loved the way u wrote dis. Keep it up baby


  4. I prefer reading the paper to watching the news on TV…it seems more substantial..or is it an habit…but , i did like your blog,Vidhu


  5. You know as I read through every line, all I kept thinking was yes this is right, this is right! People (including me) think they have an extra credential when they're well aware of the happenings. 😛

    I personally love reading the papers..and I think it's more of a hobby! I love a good article..I keenly analyze the style of writing, the kind of words used etc.

    But if you go to see, the point that you're making, about readers/viewers going out and doing something about a problem, is really not what a newspaper aims at. It's just to make them aware and informed so they can go on to make intelligent conversation.

    Nevertheless, you're blog did get me thinking! =)


  6. Shikha: I'm so glad it got you thinking 🙂
    Well what you re saying is exactly my point. Newspapers make us aware and informed so that we can make intelligent conversation or just conversation 🙂


  7. The same can be further extended to any sort of information available. So for example why do i read a book, or even the email i get is so that i can discuss it with someone.

    However if you look at the value in terms of information gained it might be a different perspective. Because what you read can come in handy in certain situations when you end up on the same line.

    Politics of country, can come in handy when you need to deal with people around you. And well rapes, tell you what sort of situation and people you should avoid!

    But i agree, information is power in the mind of an intelligent person, but as worthless as shit in the mind of those who cant handle it


  8. To start off, I'd have to say 'spot on'.

    I honestly can't read much of the newspaper. Am I being ignorant about what's happening in the world? Maybe I am. But what to you do when all that you can see on the front page of a newspaper is death, corruption, deceit and what colour underpants some Bollywood superstar wore to some high-profile party which he was not invited for?

    However, while I agree with your stance on a newspaper most often than not being a conversation starter, don't you think talking about something happier would be a better bet?

    PS: More 'writing' proof. Just saying 🙂


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